If you’re someone who has only heard now about a website that can process a ton of transactions everyday –

Congrats! We envy you.

You need to unlearn what it means to have an Online Shop, before you can use one properly

We’d much rather show someone who wants to know about E-commerce websites but has a blank slate and no idea where to start.

There are so many myths that seed themselves in business owners’ minds – let’s take a crack at debunking two of them:


Yeah, we agree. Anything designed to bring in money is going to cost money.

But yet somehow, so many business owners think that a slightly hefty bill to pay isn’t worth it, compared to adding 20%, 30% in sales or even doubling their profits (we’ve seen this happen.)

Finding the right company can be difficult sure, balancing between expected sales and how much money you may need to fork out– but finding the right one could mean all the difference.


“I don’t need more sales” you may think to yourself. You’ve got your hands full, as they say. Or maybe you’re too busy working to think about ways to increase your profits.

More sales = more work, right?

But what if you could have the same amount of customers that pay more? What if you could learn what type of person gets the most value from you and will repeatedly buy in?

This type of information comes with time. And an E-commerce site can give you a ton of data on who buys what regularly.

If you get really good at driving traffic towards your E-commerce page using Facebook, you could begin to learn who your best clients are and only market to them!

These are just two myths – or at least thinking points business owners have before investing in an E-commerce site.

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