You have heard how necessary keeping your website fresh is.

For one example, 6 months without changing much may not seem like a long time.
But in real website terms, 6 months without a change is FOREVER.

We work with websites every day and the one word that keeps coming up is the word:


If you’re not ever-growing or evolving your company brand, you may look stale or stagnant in your clients’ eyes – therefore, not relevant either.

Here’s 3 questions you can ask to discover how “fresh” your website is:

1. “Is my website taking too long to load?”

2 seconds. That’s the longest your site should take to load up. Any longer than that and you’ve lost an interested person.

Solution: Make sure your images are scaled right – if they are too big, you slow down your site tremendously.

2. “Are my site’s plugins and template up to scratch?”

Sometimes businesses only host their websites – but never update them. Like software on your computer, there are always new changes made to optimize websites.

Sometimes, when your template is outdated, things fall apart, and entire websites go missing!

Solution: Ask your web developer to ensure that your site is updated REGULARLY, this includes security and background SEO!

3. “Is my content exciting?”

We have seen how industry jargon does get in the way of your best clients actually understanding why they should do business with you.

Ask the question: have you copied and pasted your company profile onto your website, or have you sought out people (copywriters) that actively WRITE CONTENT designed to intrigue interest online?

These are 3 points to start with, but the main idea we want you to sink your teeth into is the concept of REPEATEDLY questioning how well your website actually performs…

If you would like an official NVmyBrand Website Performance Assessment, contact us below and we’ll give you pointers on how to make your website relevant!

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