Attracting new customers online is the ultimate goal of any online store, and it requires a well-thought-out marketing strategy, in order to strengthen the brand’s online reputation.

Attracting customers to your online business involves a sophisticated e-commerce marketing plan that protects your online reputation and brand while attracting customers you want. An online business must be easily findable through online search engines, while also exploiting social media. So, here we are a few ways to attract new customers to your online store.

Run a Competition

Competitions can be a fun way to spread the word about your store but remember to keep the competition purposeful to your brand.

Offer free samples

The more you can do to lower the barrier for a customer to experience your products, the better. This might not make economic sense depending on your product, but it’s worth trying if the cost to offer a free sample is low.


To help spread the word about your brand and ecommerce store, it can really pay to get to grips with how paid advertising works and how to leverage its power to your advantage.

Get involved with influencer marketing

With lots of influencers actively engaged throughout most (if not all) industries and with the costs involved potentially being less than you think, this is one marketing strategy you really do need to get involved with.

Offer discount on First Purchase

Some online stores offer a small discount for first time purchases, the key is to make it tangible and obvious what the customer will get if they purchase right now.

Have an eye-catching store

When you’re running an online store, your website serves as your virtual storefront.

The design of an online store is crucial, The design, layout, and visual appeal of your online store are critical to your ability to make sales. If potential customers come to your site and aren’t impressed, then they will exit your site without making a purchase. Become known as an expert in your industry by producing regular, high value and visually appealing blog posts and videos.

Ensure good reviews and ratings for your products

It is not only the brand reputation that will incite your visitors to make a purchase, but the reputation of the product also matters a lot. It is because of the reason that majority of the people use “external conscience” for making a decision about the product.

Social media activity

Social media has become a major influence in purchasing decisions—particularly for younger consumers.

Social media is one of the best ways to bring free promotion to your website. Social media allows you the opportunity to engage, share, and communicate with your audience, who may then become paying customers.

You have to be interesting and outstanding, so that people will want to follow you. If you manage to do so, you will have a great marketing channel at no financial expense.


Customer care

Always remember: there is no better promotion than satisfied clients. If you want to attract clients, you need to reply to all their comments and inquiries. And as soon as possible, cause timely responses are the key to success in this matter.

Update your website regularly

Just like customers search your retail store for what’s new, the search engines favor websites that have fresh, recently added content. The key here is to choose a web hosting service or site platform that allows you to update your site easily and often.

Invest in professional writing and web design

This will improve the quality and relevance of your site content and make your website more appealing to visitors, both of which can help you generate higher traffic volumes without lifting a finger.

Have good images and descriptions of your products

Adding attractive photos of the products you sell helps you in enhancing the look and feel of the store. So, e-commerce product photography is something you can’t avoid to overlook.

Discounts and offers

The word “free” can do just wonders for attracting the new customers and increasing the sales. It is because this word excite them and give rise to a positive feeling for making purchase.

It has been confirmed that the world „free” makes us feel irrational excitement, which stimulates association with positive emotion.

How can you use it in your online store to attract clients?

One idea is to offer clients a free shipping.

E-mail marketing

It is both a cheap and effective solution to attract customers.

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