Calls-to-Action (CTAs) have the role of directing people into what they should do next. You can ask them to buy your product, visit your website or get in touch with you.

However, not all CTAs are the same. The key is to be as creative as you can be in order to make people take action.


1. Tease Your Followers

Posting teasers before introducing the actual product is an effective marketing strategy. It keeps the audience guessing thus they will be able to anticipate what’s cooking.

2. Let the Audience See the Need

The best way to convince your followers to buy your product or use your service is to make them understand why they need it.

3. Encourage Followers to Tag Their Friends

With the visibility and strong platform that the tool offers, it is now easier to create collaboration opportunities within your team. The level of transparency increases for your organization as it provides a complete picture of business operations and goals.

4. Use Active Language

Words or phrases such as “buy now,” “click on,” “subscribe to,” “register now,” and the like would help persuade the audience to do so.

5. Create a Sense Of Urgency

CTAs such as “for a limited time only,” “available to the first 100 customers,” “order within 24 hours to avail the discount code,” and such gets the followers to grab their wallet and order right away.

6. Focus On “You” Statements

The aim for calls-to-action is to get someone to take action and to make them feel like you’re talking directly to them.
“Sign up to increase Instagram followers” is not as effective as “Sign up to increase your Instagram followers.” Can you see the difference?

7. Splash Some Colors

Before you can convince the user to purchase or download anything, you first have to catch their attention. Colorful CTAs are a good way to tell the audience to “hey, eyes here.”
You can also insert texts in your photos. The idea is to make them as visually attractive as possible.

8. Get Your Followers to Like & Share

This will increase the number of likes in your posts and make you discoverable on their friends’ “explore” tabs. Plus, it will also increase your hits on your other social media accounts.

9. Add Call to Actions as Often as Possible

Adding it to every post may be overkill. This is why you have to plan accordingly so your CTAs would be noticed, but not in an annoying way.

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