Get creative – that’s what they say

But what does “get creative” mean?

Does “creative” mean you should do a reverse handstand while simultaneously giving a Powerpoint presentation on the importance of galvanised steel screws to people you meet on the street?

What about saying your lines backwards? Or say everything in a Cockney accent?


We mean, get creative in ways that are relevant to YOUR business… this means:

Find out who your target audience is

So you have a great video, website is built to be easy to understand and navigate – but who’s listening?

Build your website with your best customers in mind – because your goal should be to attract the type of client who absolutely believes in your business and brand.

When this particular audience lands on your page and your video introduces your business to them – they are instantly more likely to engage with your services, and that’s what you want. So identify your target market first and foremost.

Use Videos

Videos convert a ton more sales than text (exact metrics not included) Which makes a whole lot of sense – you’d be more likely to watch a movie than read about it on Wikipedia.

Just as it’s easier to watch a video on someone explaining a complex business technique, when compared to a 300-page book, so too can you use a short, punchy video to speak directly to your page’s visitors, instead of thick, congealed paragraphs of sales-talk!

Put your products/services in silos

You need to think deeply which products/services should take up space on your website – because confused minds don’t buy – they just stay confused.

And you don’t want confused customers, you want your readers to see something and immediately click on it to read more.

So for example, if you sell hardware – it’s best to separate the power tools from the building materials, so that your reader can make a quick decision and get to what they want without a second thought.

Your goal should be to engage with your clients, current and future – and be in a space where they feel they can easily contact your business.

That means : be in their face with posts that convey value.

Be on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest… wherever your ideal clients congregate and make it your mission to educate, engage and drive your readers to do things, whether it be:

– Read more
– Click your links
– Watch your videos, until the end

So, what can you do today to make something happen?

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