What does “actionable” mean, you may ask?

Let’s say you sell diesel-power generators.

– When a future client lands on your website and your video clearly explains how it will solve their personal issues (e.g. their local power-supply company keeps dropping them and they can’t generate an income without electricity)–

This is actionable.

– When this future client finds a diesel-power generator that gets their attention, looks sexy (will look great against their rustic-home aesthetic) and fits their budget–

This is actionable.

– And when your website gives compelling reasons why your future client can easily have their new generator in their home in a day, with your easy-purchase-and-delivery Call to Action…

Now, imagine there were a market for diesel-power generators, that you could reach through the power of social media?

Spoiler alert:
You can.

And with an actionable website, designed with the your goals in mind, you can strategically place your company’s favourite products to generate results, based on what you want to make happen.

From our team at NVmyBrand, what are we saying here?
Stop making websites because you feel pressured (by your competitors) or market conditions.

Or because you want to have a pretty online brochure, that you share whenever you don’t feel like introducing what your business does…

Having a website, that is built with a purpose in mind can be one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal when you want to build your online brand and get in touch with great customers.

To have an actionable website means to have a website your future customers can read through, see why they need to contact you today.

An actionable website also makes it easy for a customer to take action with your services/products today

You can have a million different reasons behind building an actionable website –

– To brand your company’s message onto the online space can be one,
– Getting more higher quality customers to check you out can be another,
– How about selling a ton more products and services? Because if you get this step right, this will happen.

But only one reason never changes… Because it works.

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