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Online Shops (e-commerce)

Online Shops (e-commerce)

Picture this:

You have 100 different types of products that benefit a wide variety of different customers… Up until now, you’ve used hardcopy catalogues, sales in-store or promotions on search engines…

but you’re looking for something new.

Something you can call your own and is flexible enough to use as a great business card and expert marketing tool.

You have the means to distribute, but you need a sturdy method of:

– Positioning your products so that anyone can browse through them
– Allowing customers to see what you offer, 24 hours a day
– Giving your customers a choice to buy with the click of a button

This is what having an online shop offers you and so much more.

At NVmyBrand, we will build you an online shop designed to put the best parts of your business on display – an online space where you can direct all your existing and future customers, where decisions to buy are made easy, by means of straightforward website design and seamless payment portals.

This is where your potential clients can browse through your products on their own time and decide, all on their own, that they want to buy what you have now!

What kind of business benefits the most from listing their products online you may ask? Well, the kind that wants to move massive amounts of product to customers anytime, anywhere.

By choosing to do an online shop with our team at NVmyBrand, we offer you:

– Options to choose between small to large online shops.
– Upload upwards of 50 products.
– Using certain categories Product Pages give you the opportunity to take specific links and market them on social media.
– Secure, seamless and actionable websites that are built to last.
– Email accounts to support your ongoing sales brought in by the website
– Ongoing support, security and maintenance updates.

Along with so much more…
Get started with the development of your online shop today and see exactly the results that so many business owners enjoy and bring in.

start building your website with us today