In these times, we have received a massive influx of business owners, all keen to start building a website with our team.

And we certainly understand – how can your customers find you when no one is allowed to travel anywhere? When you can’t set up shop, you’d better make sure that your customers can find you somewhere…

South African business owners are seeing the need for a strong online presence.

But where do you start? Who do you turn to?

Do you go to your second-cousin who builds websites part-time?
Or do you look towards a web development company that designs their sites to bring you results?


People seem to get the idea that paying less can bring them more – and while we agree that getting a bargain within your budget is great – paying less should never be your end goal.

You should be asking yourself: “What would I like to ACHIEVE with my website?” Websites have the ability to bring in tons of customer, make a ton of sales online and build your brand massively.

The question is, have you properly thought over your endgame goal for your website?


People get websites for different reasons; some want an online “fancy business cards” that look nice or “online brochures” when they get tired of explaining their full suite of services to people.

At NVmyBrand, we believe your website should be actionable.

What does “actionable mean?” Your future customer should be able to convince themselves that you are the best, by means of an enticing website that invites them to page through your services, in their OWN TIME.

And when they have made their decision, they should be able to easily click a button and either send a form through to your company to start the sales process OR just buy it from the website itself.


Building your website can be a very personal thing.
After all, this is the online version of your business… for some that have taken decades to build up their brand.

Your website needs to be professional and reflect your company’s unique personality simultaneously. This is why we recommend that you look for a company that you believe will bring you the results your company deserves.

Be it, more customers, better visibility for your brand or an online shop tool to increase revenues…

If you don’t know which results to look for, give us a call and we’ll tell you about all the wonderful things you can actually do with a powerful website.

We hope this gives you a bit of guidance in taking your business online!

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