“Don’t take it personally!” – they say as they call your services worthless!

“It’s just … I don’t think you try enough!” as your client slowly withdraws themselves from your premises…

…and your life.

We’ve all been there. Sometimes, our services are just of no use to our favorite clients. With the competition as tight as it is sometimes, this can actually be a common thing if we let it.

But we won’t.

You see, because at NVmyBrand, we want to give you two ways you can troubleshoot this oh-so-common occurrence, so it NEVER happens again:


Look, you’ve made it this far.

Your business MUST be doing something right to have gone on for this long. Sure, it isn’t nice – but the only way to LEARN from delightful customer commentary is to “lower the drawbridges” a bit and stop being defensive.

Your customer doesn’t suck – and neither do you. Someone is just being honest here, and it would be great if you were too.


So, you’ve gotten some feedback.

Ask yourself questions along these lines:

“1. What can I do about it?”
“2. Is the feedback actually valid?”
“3. Is there something in my services I can fix?”

See, the key here is – you weren’t defensive – you were curious, genuinely. And you actually get better in your business as a result of it.

These steps can take place over weeks (this is how some businesses wind up hating their entire client-base) or it can happen over one conversation (and you end up actually impressing the customer.)

The question is… when are you going to make the change?


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