Can you imagine being open for business 24 hours a day?

Well, obviously you won’t be operating all of the 24 hours, but certainly you can be visible online 24 hours a day.

The world of business, the business of finding people to help you fix certain problems, has been steadily shifting.

We operate in a space where we can get multiple prices of multiple services in a matter of minutes.

This is because businesses have gone online.
People can research all they want in their own time to find what they want.
What can you do about it?

Well – position your business to help your customers do their own research!

This is where we introduce the concept of having a Rotational Website.

What does it mean to build your website to be rotational?
Your website should at least do these three things:


Most businesses are surprisingly not clear about what they actually do for you. You’ll spend an hour reading through a paragraph of theirs, only to wonder “what did I just read?”

So, try to be as clear as possible about the value you provide. Example, a plumber doesn’t just fix a pipe – they take away the inconvenience of you trying to fix a toilet leak yourself.


Wouldn’t you like to know that your reader and potential client knows where they are at on your website? This is where expert design comes in.

Ensure your website developer knows how to divide the information about your company and services, into sections on your website. It may sound simple, but you should see some of the websites out there!

Learn to create panels of information, and stitch it all together so it makes sense


Look, when you think of your website’s readers – what’re they doing actually?

They are searching for something. Even if they are absent-mindedly scrolling through a website, once they find something that grabs their attention – it feels very rewarding!

So, try to capture this feeling on your website, where your reader can bounce from service-page to service-page and feel great while learning about your business.

When it comes to online, it’s about the feelings you generate on your website.

If your reader lands there and they are confused by the jargon, thick paragraphs and listless layout… they will immediately turn off.

Contrasted to that, if your reader lands on your site and knows exactly where to go, what to do and how to contact you – they’ll feel great while filling in the contact form to reach your business.

The question you have to ask is:

“What kind of clients do I want stepping into my doors?”

Confused, sightly irritated ones… or potential customers that are excited to take the first steps on their journey with you?

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