Why should you use Facebook Business Manager?

Have you ever been asked if you have Facebook Business Manager?

Has your answer always been? “I have Facebook, why do I need Facebook Business Manager”

Keep reading and you will soon find out why it is better for your business to have Facebook Business Manager.

Reason #1

Managing several Facebook pages and ad accounts has always been a nightmare. With Facebook Business Manager you can distinguish between your Facebook business account and your personal profile, which means it’s really hard for you to mix up your identity when you post to your page. (Your personal Facebook page has a blue bar on top of your page and your Facebook Business Manager has a grey bar on top of the page)

Reason #2

Being a business owner, you don’t always have time to personally run your campaigns. With Facebook Business Manager you can assign staff members individual logins and roles to run your different campaigns for you. You can also easily remove access for a specific person if they are no longer employed at your company, Facebook Business Manager also helps you keep track of which staff member is running which campaign for you.

Reason #3

With the visibility and strong platform that the tool offers, it is now easier to create collaboration opportunities within your team. The level of transparency increases for your organization as it provides a complete picture of business operations and goals.

Reason #4

Facebook business manager is a tool for entrepreneurs who want to make a mark for their business by managing multiple Facebook pages and ad accounts. A tool that can provide you a 360-degree view of business process and workforce activity to support your business strategies and vision.

Facebook Business Manager is much better for your business than a personal page. So next time someone asks you “Do you have Facebook Business Manager?” Your answer will be “Yes I do”

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