Can you imagine being held back by a collection of sentences?

How we choose to …

  • Write about our business,
  • Describe our services,
  • Decide on our target market,

Can mean the difference between having an “online brochure” or investing in…


Here at NVmyBrand (Web Design/Development), we believe that if you’re going to spend good money on a website, it should at the VERY least be designed to sell your products/services.

So, how can a collection of sentences determine whether your website turns traffic into profit?

Let us show you:

First Step: How is your (SEO) Search Engine Optimization/Search Engine Marketing (SEM) working for you?

We hear a lot of “internet words” thrown around – but these two acronyms can define whether clients sifting through your industry will find YOUR name above anyone else’s.

Find a creative way to posit your business (different to your competitors, aimed at your best kind of clientele), and keep that position in mind when you write your website’s content…

e.g if you’ve been doing garden landscaping for 20 years – you cease to be a “landscaper” – you’re now a “GARDEN ARCHITECT” … after all, your years of happy clients have earned you that title, right?

Second Step: Simplify ¬– Simplify – Simplify

Gone are the days where we have to use big words to prove ourselves as experts! People simply don’t have the time to fetch the

If you can successfully get your VALUE across (i.e. the problem you fix for people), in video, images and simple words – You become an expert in PROVIDING VALUE – and that’s what drives decision-making.

FINAL STEP: Make your site easy to use…

So, up until now, you’ve positioned yourself differently as an expert above all (actually BE an expert though, we only ask that), you’ve made your website easy to read through to see the value – what now?

This is where you need a web expert.

Great website designers know what each type of website should do.
Websites should be designed to keep readers reading (blog or company site), and keep shoppers shopping (E-comm.)

And above all – with the BULK of website traffic taking place on phones – should be mobile-friendly and EASY to use.

So – what steps can you take today to make sure you:

– Speak the right SEO/SEM-related industry keywords?
– Simplify your website to showcase ONLY the value?
– Design a site that’s easy to use and thus profitable?

It may be time to get to work – or contact our team at NVmyBrand to get to work for you!

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