Now, reading the title, we know what you may be thinking…

“Sure! We do that already – not thinking this way is a form of thinking negatively!”
or …
“Of course our future clients want to do business with us – we offer reliable services for affordable prices…”

Blah. blah. blah. Industry-Jargon-Talk

We find that business owners default to this industry-jargon-talk because it’s “safe”. It’s what “they’re used to”

What if we told you that if you treat your customers as if they actually wanted to do business with you…

Your website would look radically different??

Here’s two ways to think about it…

The First Way: Your customers are all drones that need to be spoken to in a robotic industry-jargon-talk kind of way to successfully drive sales.

The above may sound bad obviously – I mean, who wants to use robotic-industry-jargon all the time?

But you would be surprised to see the sheer number of businesses who think that if they use just the right amount of jargon (to showcase their expertise, obviously)… normally in excessive amounts…

That the scale will somehow tip over…

And hundreds of people will miraculously convert into clients, simply by glossing over their website..

But this can’t be right. Because we see the results of it, time and time again.
The result is that either:

– Your website’s bounce rate is super high (tons of people leave your page within a few seconds of landing there.)
– Your business doesn’t get the right clients coming in – we mean clients that believe in your brand as much as you do.
– Or some other thing that sucks or isn’t what you wanted.

But there is a way to avoid all this… or at least, better manage it.

Here’s the Second Way: Your future clients are human beings. And they are secretly rooting for you to communicate the right message that gets their attention.

Think about a time where you had an inch of free time to yourself,
And you catch a rare moment to scroll a bit through Facebook


– Your eyes catch a video about golf – that’s going to teach you how to hit the ball THIRTY METERS further on your drive…

– Now, if you’re a golfer, you know what an additional thirty meters will do to your game… You’ll reach the green (where the flag is, for you non-golfers!), win game after game and…

– Well, just imagine what all this will do for your confidence… winning you more games, shaving down your handicap number (or whatever metric golfers use to keep track!)

This video shows you how to do it – then offers to take you to a professional Golfing Coach’s website, where you can sign up for a course to learn the in-depth skills to get these results all-the-time.

Now, there are TWO THINGS to take away from the above…

– First, if your Social Media Marketing and Website speak to one another, you’re on track to creating some magic.

– But mainly – If your website communicates directly to whatever-you-believe holds your reader’s interest – you’re beginning to do something so much more than “selling a product/service…”

You’re giving your future client a reason to believe in your business, your brand and whatever service you might be offering.

When you do this, you give your reader a chance to root for you and create a footnote in their head that says “whenever I need something like this, I’ll call these guys first – for sure!”

If you consider the chance that your future client is secretly rooting for your business to offer something to them that actually piques their interest and you connect in this way online… You’ll find that more-and-more customers become actively engaged with you and your brand as you move forward.

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